Templar religion

What Religious Beliefs Did The Knights Templar Held? 

With the beginning of the Crusades in Europe, have appeared a lot of knight orders. Some of them consist of a few knights, but there were also big ones which have a severe influence on politics and economics such as the order of the Knights Templar. There are plenty of films and books which are based on legends about them. The most recognizable symbol of this order is a red cross. Even nowadays there are a lot of things with this picture, for example, the Templar knife.

What was the Knights Templar religion?

A lot of people are convinced that there was some individual knights Templar God. But also exist many facts which approve that they were Catholics. Anyway, their lifestyle was rigorous and modest despite the wealth. An essential element of the order was clothes. A white tunic with a red cross on a chest was their uniform. Moreover, the set of clothes each knight consisted of two shirts, two pairs of trousers and boots. 

Templar praying was very special because they repeated “Our Father” seven times in the morning, seven in the day, and eighteen in the evening. But in general, they had to pray “Our Father” sixty times a day. This was their daily duty. Thirty prays of which were for the dead and the other thirty for the living people. They asked God to protect them from sin and bring them to a right end in a paradise. As you can see, the so-called Catholic Templar religion is significantly different from the present one.

What were the specialties of knights Templar beliefs? 

Templars were fasting on Christmas Eve and during Lent. But Christmas and Easter still had been the occasion for grand celebrations and a beautiful table. Their menu was much different from the one we are used to now. There were served two or three dishes. 

Every knight gave an oath of poverty. It was one of the fundamental concepts of their lives. A lot of scholars are sure that the picture on the seal of this order is a symbol of poverty. There is depicted two knights who are on one horse. 

The end of this order was fatal. Some part of the Templars were tortured and killed. Others were sentenced to life imprisonment. Grand Master of the Order of Jacques de Mole was burned alive on March 18, 1314. All these awful things were made by order of Philip IV. According to the legends, his sons were called “cursed kings.” None of them left descendants, and it caused the interruption of Capetian dynasty. Moreover, all members of the dynasty died of violent death. 

So a prayer occupied a special place in the lives of the Templars. They paid a lot of attention to that. It was like the sense of their being.