Restaurant Seating

Tips On Choosing The Perfect Restaurant Seating

For setting a sophisticated and eye-catching restaurant seating, a lot of factors are involved. There are so many things that can affect your restaurant business and seating is one of them. Choosing the perfect tables, chairs and arranging them correctly is the key to success. You must be thinking of buying the tables and chairs which you think go along with the theme of the restaurant. But it is not just that easy. You have to consider the price, the quality, durability, design, how much space it takes and more! Following are some tips on choosing the best restaurant seating according to your convenience.

Match Your Menu to Your Furniture.

The look of the restaurant should match the menu items of course. Really fancy tables for just a burger joint might not seem the best way. You can set up your own theme by matching the restaurant seating to the menu. For instance, classic menu including steaks and burgers and fried items might go along with rustic restaurant tables to give off the stable look. You can choose from a lot of restaurant seating designs; minimalistic, modern, sophisticated- anything you like.

Put Comfort First.

The design and theme matter as much as any other factor, but comfort always comes first. If the restaurant seating layouts are perfect but the chairs are not comfortable, the customers would not sit comfortably through a long meal and might even avoid coming back again.

Think Flexible.

Consider the space of you restaurant and create a rough restaurant seating chart in your head. Would the chairs you pick fit in perfectly? Would they consume a lot of space? Are these chairs enough? Should you separate a lounge- look area and dining? All these questions are important. For comfort and lounge seating you would need sofas to set up a comfy corner whereas dining tables to be set separately.

Different configuration of seating areas.

Your restaurant seating chart should be organized very carefully. There should not be too much crowding of chairs and tables, and neither too much space apart. Set the lounge area, dining tables, and bar section apart to use space systematically.

Do not Compromise on Durability.

When you are buying the chairs and tables for your restaurant, remember that not all chairs can be used in a restaurant environment. You need to consider the durability of the furniture, because even if you invest cheap now, you will have to compensate for its repair or replacement later; causing the same amount.

Organize your Space.

Organize your tables and chairs systematically for easy movement of waiters as well. Keep the entrance, kitchen path and washroom free of any crowded tables.

Pad Feet of Chairs.

Dragging of chairs is one of the most common problems in restaurants. The chairs when dragged scratch the floor leaving lines. To avoid this problem, attach pads to the feet of your chair so there will be no friction when the seats are dragged.