Shrooms On An Empty Stomach Vs. Full Stomach

Even though psychedelic mushrooms are classified as a Schedule I controlled substance in the United States, meaning they do not have any approved medical use, users commonly take them to improve productivity, focus, and creativity. Shrooms can be eaten in fresh, dried, brewed as tea, or added to chocolate or other food. Still, the famous question on shroom lovers` forums is should you take shrooms on an empty stomach? Let`s find out in the article.

The major effects of magic mushrooms

Psilocybin appears as a hallucinogenic chemical found in certain mushroom species that grow in the United States, Europe, South America, Mexico, and Asia. This substance works by triggering serotonin receptors in the prefrontal cortex of our brain – this brain area regulates mood, perception, and cognition. The psychedelic effects of psilocybin typically kick in 30 minutes after ingestion while they tend to last between 4 and 6 hours. The potency of shrooms depends on the species – they are around 100+ in the wild. Whether a user consumes psychedelic mushrooms fresh or dried also affects the intensity of a trip.

The effects of psilocybin are similar to those after taking LSD. They typically include euphoria, peacefulness, distorted thinking, the feeling that objects around are not natural, visual or auditory hallucinations, poor coordination, drowsiness, nausea or vomiting, muscle weakness, paranoia, confusion, dilated pupils, and more. 

These effects can vary significantly from person to person, depending on the dosage, mental state, and set setting. The risk of an awful psychedelic experience also exists, especially in people with mental health conditions. It is inadvisable to mix shrooms with other drugs, such as alcohol or marijuana, to prevent unpredictable side effects and emergency treatment.

Should you eat before shrooms?

Many psilocybin users experience nausea and vomiting after taking magic mushrooms. Your best bet is to start a psychedelic trip on an empty stomach to avoid these unwanted effects. Essentially, shrooms on an empty stomach work well for everyone tripping on high psilocybin doses, sensitive to the active compounds, and prone to nausea. Even ancient shamans practiced fasting before their spiritual experiences on psychedelics since it helped them receive a more powerful psychedelic visionary journey. Thus, taking shrooms on an empty stomach is good for preventing nausea and tends to promote a more intense experience.

While shrooms on a full stomach are not advised for the best effects, consider taking psilocybin at least 2.5 hours after your last meal. In such a case, you can expect results to come within 30 to 60 minutes. Another thing to keep in mind while tripping is having access to drinks that contain dextrose. If you need to reduce the intensity of the effects on shrooms, sugary beverages are essential to drink.