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How To Terminate Sheraton Vistana Timeshare?

Located in Orlando, one of the destinations that are in the most demand, Sheraton Vistana Villages appears as an ideal family-friendly retreat. Both adults and kids can enjoy this paradise of theme parks, waterslides, activity programs, restaurants with delicious cuisines, etc. Even though a resort ensures a range of cutting-edge amenities and services, you are in the right place once you aren’t satisfied with the property and want to get rid of timeshare. Let’s discover how to terminate Sheraton Vistana timeshare in the article.

How to get rid of Sheraton Vistana timeshare: the proven ways

1. Consider a rescission period

If you are a relatively new owner of a Sheraton Vistana timeshare and regret a purchasing decision very soon, don’t miss your chance to use the right to rescind a timeshare agreement. Although rescission laws vary from state to state, timeshare owners can cancel their ownership 3 to 14 days after signing a timeshare contract. 

When it comes to a Sheraton Vistana Villages timeshare located in Orlando, you should rely on Florida state laws. The government outlined a 10-day cooling-off rescission period after owners receive the signed purchase documents to cancel a timeshare. Moreover, individuals can get a full refund for purchase by sending a written canceling letter with a mentioned reason for terminating a contract.

2. Try to sell a timeshare on a secondary market

The ugly truth about timeshares is that they depreciate in value almost straight after purchase. Therefore, multiple owners sell their timeshares without the hope of returning at least half of the initial price. Some timeshares on the online resale markets are listed for $1, and no one wants to buy them! You might find selling a Sheraton Vistana timeshare a true challenge, but you can hire a real estate agent to help you increase your chances of a good deal. It would be better to consider listing a timeshare on eBay or Craigslist. After all, selling a timeshare property isn’t a one-day business.

3. Hire a trustworthy timeshare exit team

If you already miss a rescission period and find selling a timeshare an impractical solution, you still have a legitimate way to go. In most cases, legal termination of the Sheraton Vistana timeshare is the best option among many others. Think about hiring a reputable timeshare exit company that works with attorneys to get you out of an unwanted timeshare. This process is usually time-consuming and expensive, but it is worth being free from paying high maintenance and membership fees on a timeshare in the end!

One more important thing – keep in mind that the current timeshare industry is full of scams. Don’t trust timeshare exit companies that require any upfront fees without a guarantee for completing the work. If you hire a team you found on the first Google result, don’t hurry up to deal with them. Your best bet is to evaluate customer reviews first.