Viking Era

Facts You Need to Know About Immigration in the Viking Era

It is commonly accepted that Vikings, who were also well known as Northmen, were unclean warriors who had colonized the islands in the North Atlantic. Moreover, there exist a lot of stereotypes and myths considering the appearance and lifestyle of these strong Scandinavian men who lived a thousand years ago in the Viking era. For example, it was believed that Vikings were extraordinarily tall and courageous Norwegian tribes who travelled to the North on the horsebacks. Nowadays they are usually depicted with the long messy hair, beards and various male accessories such as a Viking rune ring and a men necklace. 

However, the Vikings did not suppose that they were warriors or raiders. That is why they usually called themselves travellers and explorers. Today the immigration of Vikings is considered to be a great example and even a historical ideal of immigrant assimilation. So, if you are curious about the issue of immigration in the Viking era, the following information will be useful and exciting for you to know.

Interesting Facts About the Immigration in the Norse Era

First of all, it is necessary to mention the Viking backgrounds. Before Vikings became well known as strong warriors, they had been successful merchants and famous sea explorers from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Although, Vikings were not considered to be the disciplined conquerors at that time. That is why they were associated with warriors who terrorized other countries. Moreover, it is commonly believed that Vikings were raiders who attacked Europe and established such settlements as Constantinople, Newfoundland and Greenland. 

Also, the word «Viking» means «Pirate.» Vikings were called so because they entered other countries through rivers. Without any doubts, that was the best way for Vikings, as through rivers they got access to different countries and could trade there. By the way, not all Vikings were traders or warriors. Some of them were good farmers and peasants who desired to leave Scandinavia to make their lives better. According to various researches and historical sources, a lot of Norwegians immigrated during the Viking era. They established their settlements, but most of them were just temporary.

It might be interesting to know that today most of Norwegians immigrated to the USA. Furthermore, in 1905, the population of Norwegians in the United States was almost equal to the whole community in Norway. By the way, the first settlement of Norwegians was established in 1637 by Albert Andriessen Brandt in New Amsterdam. That was the beginning of the mass Norwegian immigration to the US. 


Today there exist a lot of historical sources which contain some information about Viking tribes, including men and women, who immigrated during the Norse era from Scandinavia to make their lives better.