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Ep. 5: Charms Or Not

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Max and Paul kick off this pre-Veterans Day weekend show with a heated debate over what is better: jalapeño cheese spread or chocolate peanut butter… which then devolves into a too-long discussion about MREs and how the “old Corps” had to eat a bunch of crap.

Then of course, by popular demand, we discuss Bowe Bergdahl and his recent sentencing. His court-martial finally came to an end, with Bergdahl receiving a dishonorable discharge but no prison time.

There’s also mention of the Serial podcast, which dedicated its second season to the Bergdahl affair.

We also talk about the Marine Corps Birthday (Nov. 10, 1775) and some of the myths around the Corps, and stuff you shouldn’t ask veterans, like “did you ever kill anyone?”

Note: We’ll be on an extended hiatus because of upcoming holidays and both of us doing some traveling. You can expect another show sometime in December, before Christmas.

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