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4 Ideas To Market New Aesthetic Services To Current Patients

Once you own an aesthetic spa and have recently purchased high-end equipment for the beauty services, your biggest desire is to attract more customers to try new spa procedures. Multiple beauty services providers aim for new clients for recently implemented services to recoup their expenses. However, elaborating on a marketing aesthetic strategy for the current patients appears more efficient. This article will look at the best marketing practices for aesthetic patient follow-up.

4 ideas to market new aesthetic services to current patients you can not overpass

1.  Marketing via email

Email marketing is one of the most effective communication approaches with your current customers. By sending emails to the clients, you receive an excellent opportunity to announce new beauty services in your spa. You can also leverage email marketing by adding hyperlinks – it can significantly enhance online procedure appointing. Furthermore, it is essential to add high-resolution eye-catching images to your mailing list and detailed info about updated or new beauty services. Email marketing is an excellent call to action for your current client base.

2.  Traditional advertising approach

Another promising method on how to convert existing patients to aesthetic patients is updating the in-office advertising strategy. The truth is that people might be tired of receiving hundreds of marketing SMSs daily. Thus, adding some eye-catching flyers with announcements of new services to the reception desk or the coffee table in the waiting room can help you capture the attention of the current patients. In addition, your front office workers can also engage in in-office marketing. They’d better tell clients about the features and advantages of new beauty procedures before or after the appointments.

3.  Social media marketing

The integral part of your marketing aesthetic strategy is associated with social media. The social media presence has the potential to keep your existing audience up-to-date regarding your new beauty procedures. You can take either way – Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, where you will post announcements with eye-catching visual materials to encourage users to try the new services. It is worth mentioning that changes in social media algorithms can significantly prevent gaining organic traffic, so pay attention to opting for social media advertising solutions, such as Facebook ads. This approach remains sufficiently efficient to keep in touch with your current client base.

4.  Special offers

While all the previous advertising methods generally work well, you can’t go wrong with giving your clients great motivation to act. Many customers might doubt whether to appoint a new beauty procedure. Still, once you offer them special deals and discounts, you can establish a more reliable connection with your current patients. Consider offering clients packages with a single discounted or free beauty procedure. You risk reducing the profit, but this method effectively encourages patients who hesitate to try new beauty approaches in your spa.