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Ep. 6: Sky Dick

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After a long delay due to Max and Paul traveling and doing other stuff, we’re back!

In this latest episode, we talk about what happened over the Thanksgiving Break, Max tells the story of his book signing at Camp Pendleton which gave him the opportunity to watch Marine recruits get thrashed right in front of him in his honor.

We briefly talk about life on ship, or at least Paul does, since Max was a Land Marine. We mention the infamous Boatswain’s Mate, whose primary job on ship is apparently blasting a shrill whistle to wake everyone up, along with the “Shellback Ceremony,” which is this super-weird tradition the Navy does whenever they cross the Equator.

But of course, on everyone’s mind is the biggest news of the year: Sky Dick. We talk about the wonderful break from serious news in the world a hero Navy pilot gave us when he drew a giant dick in the sky.

There’s also a discussion of what is the “ideal war story” which inevitably devolves into a discussion of different movies, including Paul’s absolute favorite, Dr. Strangelove, Max’s favorite Jurassic Park, and others, including Black Hawk Down, and the incredible documentary film Chosin, which you absolutely have to see.

The other news item we talk about is retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. He released a statement talking about his “five years in combat” which is, uh, kinda bullshit.

This will most likely be the last show we have of 2017, since Christmas, Chanukah, and Festivus are coming up. Hope you have a great holiday season and we’ll see you again in 2018!

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  1. W.I.

    December 7, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    I love how it’s “SkyDick” and not “The SkyDick”

  2. Angela

    December 8, 2017 at 5:04 am

    Hey, I just want to thank ya’ll for doing all that you do. I’ve been reading terminal lance for years as well as duffel blog. This sounds silly but as a civilian who works for aafes your content helps me feel closer to my customers. More importantly though helps me feel closer and understand my father who was a captain. My grandfather also served career as an IP. These little insights into what the annoyances of their lives must have been like mean a great deal to me. Throughout everything my dad’s humor is the greatest part about him and I share that and love everything you guys do. Especially Max my father and I shared the white donkey. Thank you both and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.